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About our Vitamin C Products

China-free True-Liposomal Vitamin C (Quali-C®)

All other liposomal vitamin C uses vitamin C that is made in China. All vitamin C in our products is DSM Quali-C® and  98% is encapsulated in our  liposomes,which are manufactured using a proprietary process developed by Emek Blair, Ph.D. Empirical Laboratories and is guaranteed 100% corn, gluten, and Soy./GMO free. 

Vitamin C Foundation Approved® Means Quality.

Vitamin C Foundation Approved® is your assurance of ultra-high quality.  All approved vitamin  C is manufactured  by DSM Nutritional Products (formerly Roche)  in Darby Scotland (Not China!). Quali-C® is certified free of GMOs, and tested 100% corn free, hypoallergenic and is >99% L-ascorbic acid.

Cardio-C Pauling-therapy

Cardio-C contains  Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid), lysine and proline. 30 servings. 1 jar per month provides preventive Pauling therapy.  2 jars per month provides Linus Pauling's therapeutic recommendation. Our China-FREE Quali-C® Vitamin C manufactured in Europe. Guaranteed No GMOs, Tested 100% Corn,Gluten, & Soy Free. Vitamin C Foundation Approved®

Quali-C® is a registered trademark of DSM Nutritional Products

Vitamin C Foundation Approved® is a registered trademark of the Vitamin C Foundation
Note: You must be a qualified retailer or licensed physician to use our wholesale store. Call Robert at 800-894-9025 for the login/password
Sample our Quali-C®  products.

1. True-Liposomal Vitamin C (30 servings)
1. UltraFINE L-ascorbic acid powder (225 g)
1. Cardio-C (30 servings)
1. Cathcart's Sodium Ascorbate (250 g)
1. Cameron's Sugarless Chewables (90 count)
1. Vitamin C fine l-ascorbic acid powder (300 g)
1. Conquer - Liposomal D'Fraction C)
Price: $250